BitCoreIT | Search, eDiscovery and Analytics
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Search, eDiscovery and Analytics

With search based solution, you can rapidly access the information you need, regardless of their original location and then take immediate action—completing a task, solving a problem, making a strategic decision or advancing a business process.

Elastic based search unlocks valuable content for you regardless of where it exists in SharePoint sites, email systems, network shares, intranets, extranets, websites, databases, social media and all other places. You can analyze and explore the relationships and connections between disparate pieces of information immediately.

ElasticSearch based analytical solution helps you to discover various data anomalies, track and identify the root causes of your concerns and visualize your finding. The most important aspect is the ability to analyse the possible questions and answers real-time using the explorative, data discovery like approach.

We are building end-to-end analytical solutions for particular domains of your interest utilizing both standard KIBANA interface or any 3rd party data discovery or visualization toolkit available on the market today such as QlikView or Tableu.

Unified Log Management solutions are consolidating various system, network and application level logs bringing real-time insight about what is happening. It will give you great ability to dig deeper into the root causes of many outstanding issues or hidden patterns.

But that’s not only about classic logging use cases, you can now unlock deeper insights from relational and NoSQL data, monitor custom web applications or any HTTP endpoints,building effective KPIs and system metrics for your particular needs.


The ability to provide personalized experience for mobile or web users alike is an important prerequisite for any successful customer engagement model today. ElasticSearch provides unique capabilities for delivering real-time personalization based on the user context, your interests and other relevant factors.