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Enterprise Content Management

BitCoreIT believes ECM is a strategy based on which a methods is to be devised and right tools to be identified to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to any companies departmental process. The defined strategies, methods and tools allows to manage unstructured data gathered from different information sources across the organization.

ECM tools may be the same but its implementation is always unique to an organization, that is where our knowledge base and experience comes handy for our customer. The same solution can be used in different ways for different organizations

According to AIIM, the four primary areas in which ECM helps organization are: COMPLIANCE, COLLABORATION, COST AND CONTINUITY.

In each of the areas, organization must have clear strategies and policies before it start using ECM tools. Strategies and policies are derived from organizational goals and your particular environment.


COMPLIANCE with regulatory requirements involves costs. The variety of regulations, and the ongoing legislation of new regulations and requirements, adds to the costs. Only a proactive strategy developed with the involvement of legal, technology and administrative personnel can help minimize these costs. This kind of a proactive approach will bring out possibilities for using ECM tools to ensure compliance with applicable regulations at a maximum of convenience and minimum of costs.


COLLABORATION helps people with different expertise to contribute to the overall business results. Overall business results are helped by finding faster ways to get your product or service to the market, reducing your operational costs and completing activities and processes quicker and in a more streamlined fashion.

ECM provides tools like instant messaging, emails, online meetings and whiteboards to facilitate collaborative working. These tools make it possible to participate instantly, or at a time of your convenience. You can review the up-to-date status of a problem or solution, ask queries, make suggestions or presentations and get feedback. All these allow you to get involved and contribute meaningfully.


Keeping your business going 24/7/365 is critical in today’s global corporations, and even many smaller organizations. Natural or man-made disasters must not be allowed to disrupt operations too seriously.

Achieving this objective will first involve developing clear strategies and policies. You will determine which content is business critical, how quickly each type of content must be restored, how such restoration is to be arranged for, and all the other incidentals involved.

ECM, with its comprehensive range of capabilities, will then help you implement the strategies and policies.


When you start thinking of how ECM can help with costs, the first thing you might notice will be the cost of the ECM system itself – an addition to cost rather than a reduction. However, if you have a proper strategy in place, even tentatively, you will also be able to evaluate how ECM can help you achieve larger-scale business results at lower costs.

The key is clarifying your objectives and their implications. Don’t let existing information processing technology constraints limit your expectations in these matters. With ECM, information can be made available on tap by all those who need it (and are authorized to access it). This would include not only employees in your organization, but also suppliers, customers, and governments outside it.

You won’t have to spend most of your time actively contacting everybody and conveying your requirements or meeting theirs. The result will be not only savings in time, but also better quality results in all areas. You will soon begin to see how ECM can help you operate on a much higher scale and at much less relative costs.


ECM provides a great set of tools and technologies. It can help achieve great business results through increasing speed of marketing and other operations, mainly through faster access to relevant information.

However, the organizations need to sit down with its people and develop clear strategies and policies, un-constrained by present information system limitations, before it starts implementing Enterprise Content Management Systems.


Enterprise content management systems combine a wide variety of technologies and components, some of which can also be used as stand-alone systems without being incorporated into an enterprise-wide system.

The five ECM components and technologies of the ECM model were first defined by AIIM as follows:

  • Capture
  • Manage
  • Store
  • Preserve
  • Deliver

The model includes of five traditional application areas:

  • Document Management
  • Collaboration
  • Web content management (WCM) (including web portals),
  • Records management (RM) (archive and filing management systems on long-term storage media) and
  • Workflow / Business process management (BPM)

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solution

BitCoreIT as consulting house ensure a ‘best practices’ implementation, the first course of our action is to thoroughly understand your company’s vision and how technology is intended to help you achieve it. Your initial EDM deployment should address areas where deficiencies or opportunities are the greatest.

Best practices means choosing the best available technology to solve stated business challenges and implementing it in a way that will produce the strongest results for small business like solar panel sales, aqua paradise ca, car and motor repair. For BitCoreIT ‘Best’ means finding the best solution for your short- and longer-term business needs and deploying it logically according to a well-conceived and thorough plan.

Our Approach is mainly to address your requirements in segments.

Capture of Electronic and Physical information

  • Can we capture the data you need from an image?
  • Can we ensure your images are secure, so indexing can be done remotely or overseas while preserving image integrity?
  • Can we capture all formats with high-quality definition and readability, including documents created in Microsoft Word, email, drawing packages, and more?
  • Do we have an off-site backup facility or alternative to ensure mission-critical data will be available in the event something unexpected occurs?
  • Can we provide you a bulk Scanning solution and services within the defined time line?


  • Does our suggested solution allow your information to index documents thoroughly?
  • How the solution control the document security controlled?
  • Does the proposed solution 100% reliable, aligning with your corporate policies and procedures?
  • Can documents be secured by user group and individual users?
  • If thorough document inventory and assistance in process analysis is required, Do we have the experience and team for that?

Document Management & Security

  • Does our solution let your administrator designate who can view which information, down to the individual user and at the document level?
  • Does the solution allow the IT Administrator to set up user authentication?
  • Can documents be made inalterable, red-action?
  • Does the solution provide a detailed and auditable record of file access and transactional activity?
  • Does our company have a disaster recovery model to address unforeseen circumstances and assure business continuity at all times?

Business Process Management / Workflow

  • Does the solution let you create a clear hierarchy for decision making, including departmental and individual authorizations?
  • Will it allow you to designate how exceptions to standard processes should be handled?
  • Are each of the transactions within processes that are “IN PROCESS” fully searchable and instantly auditable, when immediate answers are required?

Records Management

  • Can documents automatically be converted to an unalterable format prior to migration?
  • Can rules be created to govern the automatic purging of records from the document management system or their migration to long-term storage?
  • Does the solution let user request email notification or other alerts prior to purging?
  • What are options which exist if your organization needs alternative long-term record storage in addition to electronic document storage?
  • Can our solution export data effectively to your preferred alternative storage medium?
  • If data ultimately needs to be destroyed, does BitCoreIT guarantee proper disposal of information and hardware?
  • Does BitCoreIT has strong partner to recommend whose products integrate with proposed solution?

Systems Integration

  • Will BITCOREIT proposed solution integrate with your legacy systems, line-of-business software, fax, email, telecommunications, and in-house developed software?
  • Is the all of our solution functionality underwritten in industry standard web services?
  • Are web services calls unlimited, or will we be charged each time you make a call to push and pull information from other systems or execute commands based on those services?
  • Is it mandatory to use our solution interface, or can you choose to add our solution functionality to the interface your workers currently use?
  • Do we have extensive integration services team in the event assistance is needed, or will you need to hire an outside resource?

Information Management Services

  • Professional Services
  • Bulk Document Scanning and Capturing services as per ISO 19005-1:2000 Global Archiving standard for,
    • Oil Logs (Seismic/Uphole/Acquisition etc.)
    • Document imaging, A4/A3/A2/A0 Black & White / Color
    • Conversion of Microfilm/Microfiche/Aperture Cards
    • Conversion of Negatives
    • Conversion of Bounded Books
  • Managed Print Services

Professional Services

Today enterprises are struggling to navigate an ever-changing, complex environment. It has become need of an hour to integrate new technologies and applications with limited resources. Stay current on technology and security standards. And closely manage both project timelines and costs.

BitCoreIT provide services to address such challenges into a business advantage. Our team IT Professional Services has experience & capabilities to conquer the ever-present challenges associated with managing dispersed technologies and evolving business processes, maintaining consistent application performance, and providing secure access to information.

We offer a modular portfolio of solutions spanning areas including data center, business continuity, virtualization, storage, application infrastructure and performance, as well as cloud services all delivered by our experts in areas including planning, design, and implementation.
Which helps you to improve the experience of your end-users, reduce time-to-market, support a scalable environment, expand your e-commerce capabilities, ensure availability, or introduce new applications to meet changing business goals, our experts can not only implement customized solutions to address your technology needs, but also monitor and manage their performance freeing up your IT resources to focus on the business at hand.

Bulk Document Scanning and Capturing services

BitCoreIT has the experience is scanning more than 100 million pages across all the vertical industry. We have the experience of providing our services across the following sectors or

  • Oil Logs (Seismic/Uphole/Acquisition etc.)
  • Document imaging, A4/A3/A2/A0 Black & White / Color
  • Conversion of Microfilm/Microfiche/Aperture Cards
  • Conversion of Negatives
  • Conversion of Bounded Books

The value propositions which differentiate BitCoreIT’s services are based on ISO standard 19005-1:2000 (PDF/A-1a & 1b) which address the following,

Open Format

Open format — De facto standard for more secure, dependable electronic information exchange — recognized by industries and governments around the world. Compliant with industry standards.


Multiplatform — Viewable and printable on any platform — Macintosh, Microsoft® Windows®, UNIX®, LINUX® and many mobile platforms.


Extensible — More than 1,800 vendors worldwide offer PDF-based solutions including creation, plug-in, consulting, training, and support tools.

Trusted and Reliable

Trusted and Reliable — More than 200 million PDF documents on the web today serve as evidence of the number of organizations that rely on Adobe PDF to capture information.

Maintain Information Integrity

Maintain Information Integrity — Adobe PDF files look exactly like original documents and preserve source file information — text, drawings, 3D, full-color graphics, photos, and even business logic — regardless of the application used to create them.

Keep Information Secure

Keep Information Secure — Digitally sign or password-protect Adobe PDF documents.


Searchable — Leverage full-text search features to locate words, bookmarks, and data fields in documents.


Accessible — Adobe PDF documents work with assistive technology to help make information accessible to people with disabilities.

Managed Print Services

The company that thinks it has squeezed every unnecessary expense out of IT operations is in for a surprise. Many might be ignoring preventable costs associated with their printing and imaging systems.
Printers, fax machines, scanners and copiers are often so far under the radar of budget hawks that some organizations don’t even have a clear idea of what they spend each year for hardware, toner, ink cartridges, paper and management overhead.

MPS Consultant

BITCOREIT MPS consultant can partner with you to bring down your Printing expenses across the organization. The benefits ASPIRAL can provide your organization are :-

  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Productivity
  • Heighten Security
  • Improve Sustainability