BitCoreIT | E-Correspondence & Archiving
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E-Correspondence & Archiving

CIRCULARO™ based eCorrespondence Management Solutions is about to make the Document Composition Lifecycle very simple and easy to manage from composing, approving, publishing till the final archiving stage with flexible approval workflows and related tasks. Managing the structured business documents has never been easier.

Get the latest web and mobile ready eCorrespondence solution available on the market today. Built from ground up with full RTL Arabic and LTR English support in mind. No 3rd party licenses required, no extra hidden cost.


  • Be effective and create letters easily and consistently using simple web interface
  • Be productive and speed up your approval cycle
  • Share and publish your eCorrespondence securely and easily
  • Manage your eCorrespondence template, rules and policies easily
  • Rely on trusted archiving storage back-end
  • Work any time, from anywhere

CIRCULARO™ based web scanning solution makes scanning super easy to use and to integrate to existing ICT infrastructures. It’s build on top of CIRCULARO™ platform and provides key scan-archive-find-view-integrate and analyse functionality for streamlining the web scanning operations and improving the overall experience for end-users.


  • Scan: from any device, anywhere
  • Archive: securely to any system
  • Find: every piece of information on every scanned page quickly
  • View: on any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Integrate: to any system, in real-time with no coding required
  • Analyse: get the big picture at your fingerprints, always